Concrete Sidewalks

Decorative WalkwayOne of the key factors in the longevity of concrete sidewalks is the quality of construction. To ensure that your concrete walkways are built to last, it’s important that the reputable concrete contractor you use follows the following tips when installing your sidewalk.

  • Preparation – Proper compaction as well as preparation of the sub-grade is essential to proper sidewalk installation. It’s also important that the compaction be uniform across the entire area that will be paved. Without proper compaction, settlement of the concrete sidewalk can occur and increase the chance of cracks developing in the concrete.
  • Sub base Layer – While concrete can be placed directly on the sub-grade, it’s often better to use a sub base layer between the concrete slab and the compacted sub-grade to provide more support and to reduce problems from small subgrade defects.
  • Cold Temperatures – Protect concrete sidewalks for at least five days after pouring in freezing temperatures.
  • Control Joints – To reduce the amount of cracking, control joints should be cut into the concrete slab at roughly every 4 feet. Decorative concrete contractors can often incorporate these joints into the stenciled or stamped patterns.
  • Be careful about location – When deciding where to place sidewalks it’s important to factor in trees and large root systems, which can cause damage to concrete sidewalks. Concrete contractors often suggest that you maintain a distance of two sidewalks between nearby trees and the edge of your sidewalk.

Affordable Creative Concrete Sidewalks

Stained and Stamped DrivewayConcrete sidewalks can be much more than just a walkway to get where you’re going – they can offer much needed curb appeal to homes and buildings, and they’re becoming a great way to show off a bit of artistic expression due to a variety of decorative concrete options.

While standard gray concrete is still the most often surface used, there are a variety of decorative concrete options that can be used to dress up your sidewalk from boring to absolutely amazing. Decorative concrete sidewalks can be stained, stamped, colored and molded based on your unique needs. At Able Concrete we offer a variety of stamped and colored concrete options to give your sidewalks that extra pop.

Safety is Critical for Concrete Walkways

Custom Concrete Contractor MNThe last thing that you want is for someone to be injured due to damaged concrete sidewalks on your property. If you see that your walkways are bowing or uneven, it’s likely best to call a concrete contractor immediately. As a business owner, you can actually be responsible for injuries that are incurred due to sidewalks that are in need of repair. At Able Concrete we can come out to your home or business and quickly repair or replace any concrete walkways that need attention.

Concrete Sidewalk Replacement or Repair?

If your sidewalks have seen their better days, it’s time to give Able Concrete a call today. Whether you need concrete sidewalk repair or replacement, we’re confident that we can find a solution that will meet your needs and your budget. To schedule a free estimate with one of our experienced concrete contractors give us a call today at 651-688-3048.

We provide our concrete sidewalk services to customers in Minnesota.