Concrete Steps

Decorative WalkwayConcrete steps are one of the most prominent features at the entryway of any home or public building, yet far too often are relegated to being extremely boring.  Taking concrete steps from bland to glam can make them become the focal point of most any entrance.  Property owners can create an even larger visual impact by utilizing decorative stairways with concrete walkways that coordinate in terms of color and pattern.  Concrete steps can be poured right alongside walkways, driveways and patios so they can be colored and textured to match.  At Able Concrete we have more than 20 years of experience meeting the needs of our customers in Minnesota and Wisconsin and are constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends in concrete construction.

Concrete Steps Safety Considerations

Poorly designed stairways are a common cause of slip and falls.  Below are a few tips to help reduce injuries:

  • Prevent tripping – To prevent tripping make sure that all treads and risers are uniform throughout a set of stairs. Another tip to prevent tripping is to use round nosings as well as enhancing stairs visually to make edges more recognizable.
  • Sufficient lighting – Another way to prevent tripping is by ensuring that stairs are well lit at night. This can be accomplished in a number of ways including installing light fixtures in the step faces as well as using overhead lighting to eliminate concrete stairways.
  • Width of treads – According to studies stair treads that are narrower than 9 inches in width contribute to the largest number of tripping accidents. Research indicates that tread widths between 10-13 inches and riser heights of between 6-8 inches are the most ideal to reduce slip and falls.
  • Presence of handrails – Another common cause of tripping incidents is the absence of handrails. Rails for stairs should be accommodating to users of differing heights.
  • Texture – Concrete contractors can also reduce tripping incidents by texturing concrete treads to make them more slip resistant. This can be done by adding an anti-slip grit to the sealer coat or by using a textured finish, like exposed aggregate.

Concrete Construction Company Qualities

Custom Concrete Contractor MN When you’re choosing a company to pour or repair your concrete steps you have quite a few choices in the Twin Cities Metro area.  For this reason, we thought it would be beneficial to lay out a variety of factors to consider when choosing concrete contractors.

  • Experience – When looking into a variety of concrete contractors you want to gauge their experience. Ask how long they’ve been in business to ensure they’re properly prepared to handle your project.
  • Check references – Another way to check a contractor is by asking for references. Follow up with multiple references to ensure that the company has not simply given you names of their friends or family.  Ask detailed questions about the type of work that was performed.
  • Check reviews – Search online for the companies you’re thinking of using. Read online reviews to see the type of company you’re considering working with.  Keep in mind that reviews can be sometimes misleading as they often don’t tell both sides of the story.
  • Ask about warranties – Many fly by night concrete contractors will offer no warranties for their work. This is a big red flag and should be a reason that you look elsewhere.

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