Decorative Concrete New Hope MN

Decorative Concrete New Hope MNWhen choosing the materials to use for your driveway, walkways, garage floor, patio, steps, or any other outdoor surface on your property, it’s important to consider the style and strength of these materials. It’s important to choose both materials that will both complement your home’s design and long-lasting materials that will withstand Minnesota weathering. Concrete is a material that can accomplish both. We aren’t talking about the flat, dull gray concrete that looks the same everywhere you go; we’re talking about laying decorative concrete on your New Hope, MN property. With decorative concrete stamps, concrete skins, and color concrete, Able Concrete Raising, Inc. can make your concrete surfaces look exactly the way you want them.

Stamped Concrete Patterns

Stamped concrete, as the name implies, involves using concrete stamps to create patterns and designs in your concrete surfaces. Concrete stamping can turn any dull concrete surface into a textured and patterned masterpiece, changing the aesthetic of your concrete to be a uniquely designed element of your home rather than just another surface to drive or walk across. Choose from our large selection of concrete stamps, from suns and compasses to wood and stone patterns.

Concrete Skins to Imitate Real Stone

Concrete skins can also go a long way toward making your concrete surfaces stand out as something more unique and colorful than plain gray concrete. Concrete skins are used to give your concrete the look of real, high-end stone, from a variety of slates to limestone and granite. Instead of paying for real stone, which is liable to crack and become weather-worn, choose the more durable, more affordable option: concrete skins.

Color Concrete for Unique Concrete Surfaces

Adding color to your concrete surfaces can go a long way toward adding more color to your property and complementing the colors and design of your home. We offer a wide range of concrete coloring, giving you the choice of reds, browns, various bluish grays, and even some color concrete with purple, orange, and green tints of color. Whatever coloring you choose, your concrete will be sure to add a unique element of style and decoration to your home.

New Hope Decorative Concrete Company

If you’re looking for a way to make your home or business stand out, consider adding a little decoration to your new concrete surfaces. With both durability and style, decorative concrete can outlast real stone, outshine the dull gray concrete on your neighbors’ properties, and give your property the decoration it needs to feel complete. If you’re in need of decorative concrete in New Hope, Minnesota, call Able Concrete Raising, Inc. today at 651-688-3048, and see for yourself how our decorative concrete company can change how your view concrete with our stone-like concrete skins, concrete stamps, and wide variety of concrete coloring.