Concrete Patio

Concrete Contractor MNAre you looking to lay a new concrete patio on your property? Perhaps you’re in need of concrete repairs for your patio and want an alternative to completely replacing your concrete patio. At Able Concrete Raising, we provide homeowners, business owners and municipalities an alternative to completely replacing sunken patio slabs, replace concrete that is too damaged to be repaired, and lay new concrete patio slabs. Whatever services you need, our St. Paul, North St. Paul, South St. Paul and Eagan, MN concrete patio contractors are here to make sure you get the job done quickly and affordably.

Concrete Patio Raising Contractors

Although we provide several concrete services, we’ve made concrete raising our specialty because it’s an affordable, environmentally friendly and efficient way to repair concrete slabs without the waste of a full concrete replacement. Of course, it’s not always possible to save concrete, but when we can, we do! Repairing a concrete patio with concrete raising involves filling the air and water pockets beneath the surface of concrete slabs that have sunken because of these pockets. We use concrete and recycled sand to fill small holes in the sunken slabs, saving your current concrete and using recycled materials to eliminate waste as much as possible. All of this takes mere minutes or hours depending on the size of the job, and you’ll be walking over your concrete in an hour and driving on it by the end of the day.

Replacing Concrete Patios

We always prefer to raise concrete, when possible, but it simply isn’t always possible to save concrete patios. If your concrete patio is too damaged to benefit from concrete raising, or if your concrete has been subject to damage other than sinking and shifting, then replacing your concrete patio may be the only option available to you. We’ll make sure that we complete the task as quickly as possible, and you can be sure that if it’s possible to save you time, money, or resources, we will.

Laying a New Concrete Patio

If you’re looking to lay a new concrete patio on your property, we’re here to make that happen! With concrete experts who know the ins and outs of concrete repairs, we’re also experts at laying concrete patios the right way. That means ensuring that the surface we’re laying over is completely compacted and fully prepared for the concrete we’re laying. That way, we know that we won’t have to be back to complete any concrete raising work – we will have already safeguarded against the air and water pockets we work to fill!

Residential, Commercial and Municipal Concrete Patios

Whether you’re in need of a new concrete patio, a full concrete patio replacement or a simple concrete patio raising, Able Concrete Raising can complete any project on any property – residential, commercial or municipal. Our St. Paul, North St. Paul, South St. Paul and Egan, Minnesota concrete patios contractors can be reached at 651-688-3048 or today for a free estimate!