Concrete Patio Company

Spring is a great time to spend time outdoors enjoying cookouts, gatherings with neighbors, family and friends and just relaxing and taking in the beautiful sunshine. If your home does not yet have the perfect place for grilling, gathering or relaxing, now is a great time to design and install a concrete patio. A concrete patio is an affordable option for providing additional outdoor living space for your home (or business). A concrete patio is durable and low maintenance, making it an easy and popular choice for many in the St Paul, North St Paul, South St Paul, Eagan, MN area. Able Concrete specializes in installing concrete patios for residents and business owners in Minnesota, and can help design the perfect shape and find the best possible location for your new concrete patio.

Benefits of Choosing A Concrete Patio in Minnesota

There are many benefits to adding a concrete patio to your property. It is a small investment that can add significant function, space and fun.

Many different decorative options: Concrete patios are a serious value – at a relatively low cost, you can choose a wide variety of decorative options to make your patio stand out including stamped, engraved, stenciled, or textured to look and feel more like much more expensive brick or stone pavers, but at a fraction of the cost. Your patio can also be designed in many shapes and colors.

Environmentally friendly: Concrete patios save lumber, so is more environmentally friendly than building a wooden deck. In addition, no stains or solvents are needed for staining a concrete patio.

Durable: The weather in Minnesota can be harsh – cold, snowy winters and hot summers. A concrete patio, installed by Able Concrete can withstand all that Minnesota weather has to offer. You can expect your concrete patios to last for many years with minimal cleaning and maintenance necessary.

Experienced Concrete Patio Contractor

Able Concrete has been partnering with homeowners and business owners in the Minnesota area for more than two decades, providing superior customer service and affordable pricing for concrete patios, concrete driveways, sidewalks, steps, aprons, athletic courts and garage doors. Our concrete contractors can help you with any concrete project, big or small and are fully licensed insured so you can be confident in our work. We are also happy to provide you with references as well so that you can learn more about our work from our customers. If you are looking to add a concrete patio to your property this season, call our team at 651-688-3048 for more information.