Concrete Garage Floors MN

parking garage - CopyWhy does it seem like out of all the floors on your property, the garage floor is the most neglected? Maybe it’s because some people can barely even see the floors due to the amount of storage they have in their garage? Maybe it’s because families are running in and out of it once they park their cars? Who knows. We certainly aren’t going to speculate. Life happens and these days, garages are used for so many different things. Unfortunately, the floors suffer. At Able Concrete in MN, we can create a concrete garage floor that you can be proud of!

The Downside of Multi-Functional

When people first move into their homes, everything generally gets put into a garage. Then as days go by, people gradually put items inside. Some people use the garage as a place for storage for years, some people empty it out and use it to park their cars, and others do a little bit of both. No matter what you are doing, damage is being done to your floors. Gasoline, oil, and the general breakdown of mildew within storage, can cause significant issues to your flooring. Not to mention, we do live in Minnesota, and the salt from the roads in the winter always makes its way inside. Long story short, garages are great space for multifunctional purposes, but none of that fairs well with flooring.

Concrete Garage Floor Installation for MN

So when it’s time to get it replaced or repaired, you want the best that Minnesota can offer. Serving this area for over 20 years, Able Concrete has done over 8500 concrete jobs in the area and within your own community. We are a licensed and insured concrete company that understands the issues in the garage and can easily replace or repair your concrete garage floor. If you are unsure if you need a full replacement versus just a repair, one of our expert professionals will come out to your home and take a look. We can give you a confident answer based on our thorough evaluation. Not only can we match the generic concrete coloring for your concrete garage, we can spruce things up a bit as well! We offer a variety of colors and finishes to your garage giving you that luxurious look and feel without a big price tag.

If you are looking for concrete garage floor installation in MN, look no further than Able Concrete. For more information or your free estimate, call us today at (651) 688-3048.