As the warm weather approaches, we begin to spend more time outdoors and focus in on spring cleaning for our homes. We turn on sprinklers for our yard and our plants and we spray off all our patio furniture. Then we look around and think of things that would make our space feel more like a home. If you are stuck on designs for your outdoor patio or walkway, consider popping some color into your landscape this spring (and we aren’t talking about the flowers). Able Concrete offers colored concrete options for both residential and commercial properties in the St. Paul, Eagan, and South St. Paul, MN areas. If you’ve never thought of colored concrete in the past, it’s time to take a look and consider this elegant and affordable option.

MN Custom Concrete ContractorWhen it comes to the curb appeal of your home, the driveway and sidewalk on your property should not be overlooked. If you have a beautiful home and a bright green lawn, a driveway and sidewalk in bad shape can really be an eyesore. Not only does this hurt the overall look of your home, but it can also be dangerous as well. If the driveway and sidewalk of your St Paul or Highland Park, MN property needs some tender love and care, our dedicated team at Able Concrete is eager to serve you! As a driveway and sidewalk contractor, we can revitalize the look of your property at an affordable price.

Cracked Garage FloorIf your garage floor cracked beyond repair? Are there oil and vehicle fluid stains covering your garage floor? Do you think you’re in need of a complete garage floor replacement? If you’re looking for a Minneapolis, MN garage floor replacement contractor, look no further than Able Concrete Raising, Inc. Our experienced garage floor contractors know when to repair and when to replace garage floors, ensuring that you only get the best service – and only the service you need. With a new concrete garage floor, you can be sure that your garage will be safe to use and good as new without any of the damage or signs of wear from before.

When you’re building a new basketball court on your property, there are several things to consider before choosing a contractor. You’ll need to consider the materials used for the basketball court and whether you’re getting the most durable, long-lasting materials, whether a company will be there to maintain your basketball court to ensure it’s always ready to be used, whether your court will be sealed properly, and whether you can get the right coloring for your court that you’d like to see on your property. At Able Concrete Raising, Inc., our Minneapolis, MN basketball court contractors will ensure that you get everything you want and need from your basketball court by installing a high-quality basketball court that will withstand the weathering and wear – whether it’s an outdoor court or an indoor court!

Concrete PatiosAble Concrete should be your choice for a brand new Concrete Patio this season.  Able Concrete is a concrete contractor located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is well known for its excellent products and wide array of concrete structures that beautify homes and increase the value of those properties.  Concrete Patio Installation is one of Able Concrete’s specialties.  Our team is able to create strong and durable concrete improvements to your home.  What may not be immediately known by using the term ‘concrete’ is that it can also be made beautiful by way of Able Concrete’s expertise with the material, specifically with stamped concrete.

Stamped Concrete Contractor MNAble Concrete is a concrete contractor that serves, among many towns and communities in Minnesota, Eagan and St. Paul. Among the many distinctive services provided by Able Concrete is concrete sidewalk installation. When hosting friends from work or family members from out of town, a beautiful sidewalk can accentuate the beauty of your home’s exterior. Businesses that have well maintained (and durable) concrete sidewalks look more appealing to clients and prospective customers. Able Concrete can install a sidewalk for your home or business that is durable and that will create a good first impression for many years.

Homes are warmer and more welcoming and businesses become more inviting when the appearance of their outside environment is enhanced by Able Concrete’s concrete contracting services. Commercial properties’ and private homes’ appearances have been improved because of Able Concrete’s creativity, expertise, and attention to detail. Our team can install a standard gray concrete sidewalk or, if you are looking for something more unique, we can install a decorative sidewalk that is stained, stamped, colored or molded based on your unique needs and taste.

Concrete Driveways Twin CitiesAre you sick of your gravel driveway that seems to be an eyesore every time that you pull up to your home? Well, consider investing in a concrete driveway from Able Concrete that is virtually maintenance free, long lasting and can change the dynamic of your home’s curb appeal! As a Twin Cities concrete driveway contractor, we know the type of performance that is required to be able to withstand many years of the brutal winters in Minnesota. By investing in a concrete driveway rather than an asphalt driveway, this will be one less thing that you will have to worry about when it comes to weathering.

If you are like most Americans, you garage floor is generally covered with bikes, scooters, items that do not fit inside your home, and with any luck, a vehicle. You may not realize it but, over time, your garage door can begin to deteriorate, crack and even settle in a way that makes it uneven and unsafe. Able Concrete specializes in garage floor repair and replacement and can restore your garage floor so that it is fully functional and safe.

The cold, harsh winters of Minnesota can cause severe cracking and chemicals that leak from your vehicle can seep down and damage all layers of the garage floor. While your garage floor is not generally a part of your home to showcase, it is important for it to be functional and safe. In many cases, Able Concrete can repair your garage floor, eliminating cracks.

Decorative ConcreteAble Concrete is an experienced concrete contracting company serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding suburbs in Minnesota. Our team has served these Minnesota communities for more than two decades, completing nearly 9000 jobs during that period of time. Our crew is widely regarded as one of the best and most trusted concrete contractors in the entire state of Minnesota, offering all types of concrete installation, repair, and replacement services.

Homes become more functional and businesses become more inviting when the exterior environment is improved as a result of Able Concrete’s concrete services. Our crew can complete the following types of concrete jobs: