Spring is a great time to spend time outdoors enjoying cookouts, gatherings with neighbors, family and friends and just relaxing and taking in the beautiful sunshine. If your home does not yet have the perfect place for grilling, gathering or relaxing, now is a great time to design and install a concrete patio. A concrete patio is an affordable option for providing additional outdoor living space for your home (or business). A concrete patio is durable and low maintenance, making it an easy and popular choice for many in the St Paul, North St Paul, South St Paul, Eagan, MN area. Able Concrete specializes in installing concrete patios for residents and business owners in Minnesota, and can help design the perfect shape and find the best possible location for your new concrete patio.

Concrete ContractorLooking for a concrete sidewalk contractor in the St Paul, North St Paul, South St Paul, or Eagan, MN areas? Look no further than Able Concrete. We offer quality concrete sidewalks at affordable prices. With over 20 years of experience in concrete services, Able Concrete is more than capable of handling your next concrete sidewalk project!

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor

One of the most important factors of choosing a concrete sidewalk contractor has to be safety. At the end of the project, are you going to have a safe sidewalk on your property? During the project, are you going to have professionals ensuring their own safety and the safety of others? Our many years of experience in this industry has shown our dedication to the safety of our staff and our clients. We are a licensed and insured company that makes sure that your best interests are always protected. Need any references? We are always happy to provide references from our previous customers. Feeling confident in your sidewalk contractor will create an environment where everyone is happy. This is another reason why we stand behind all of our work with a written guarantee.

Concrete StampsAble Concrete, a concrete contractor located in St. Paul, Minnesota, serves many local communities, including Eagan and South St. Paul. Able Concrete has earned an outstanding reputation for installing a wide variety of concrete structures that beautify homes and, therefore, increase the value of those properties. From driveways to patios to walkways to steps, Able Concrete is capable of creating exceptionally strong and durable concrete areas for your home. But what may not always be communicated by the term ‘concrete’ is that it can also be made beautiful by way of Able Concrete’s artistry with the material. Among the most impressive of Able Concrete’s work is their signature stamped concrete.

Improve the Look of the Exterior of Your Home

Stamped concrete is also known as imprinted concrete or textured concrete, and is an advancement in how concrete can be created to improve the appearance of your home from the outside. Able Concrete has perfected the process of installing stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is an ideal way to update the appearance of your home’s exterior, increase its financial value, and heighten your enjoyment of the way your house looks. Able Concrete can add value to your home at minimal cost and you will sense the commitment the company has made to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Concrete Contractor MNAre you looking to lay a new concrete patio on your property? Perhaps you’re in need of concrete repairs for your patio and want an alternative to completely replacing your concrete patio. At Able Concrete Raising, we provide homeowners, business owners and municipalities an alternative to completely replacing sunken patio slabs, replace concrete that is too damaged to be repaired, and lay new concrete patio slabs. Whatever services you need, our St. Paul, North St. Paul, South St. Paul and Eagan, MN concrete patio contractors are here to make sure you get the job done quickly and affordably.

parking garage - CopyWhy does it seem like out of all the floors on your property, the garage floor is the most neglected? Maybe it’s because some people can barely even see the floors due to the amount of storage they have in their garage? Maybe it’s because families are running in and out of it once they park their cars? Who knows. We certainly aren’t going to speculate. Life happens and these days, garages are used for so many different things. Unfortunately, the floors suffer. At Able Concrete in MN, we can create a concrete garage floor that you can be proud of!

Stone Stamp Concrete PatioA concrete patio can be ideal for the warmer months in the Minnesota area, when you want to enjoy the outdoors and spend time hosting friends and family. A patio adds important outdoor living space to your home and is extremely low maintenance and durable, especially compared to asphalt, wood and other materials like gravel and pavers. Able Concrete is an experienced and trusted Concrete Patio Contractor in the St Paul, MN area that can partner with you to help you design and build the perfect patio for your outdoor living space.

Decorative Concrete New Hope MNWhen choosing the materials to use for your driveway, walkways, garage floor, patio, steps, or any other outdoor surface on your property, it’s important to consider the style and strength of these materials. It’s important to choose both materials that will both complement your home’s design and long-lasting materials that will withstand Minnesota weathering. Concrete is a material that can accomplish both. We aren’t talking about the flat, dull gray concrete that looks the same everywhere you go; we’re talking about laying decorative concrete on your New Hope, MN property. With decorative concrete stamps, concrete skins, and color concrete, Able Concrete Raising, Inc. can make your concrete surfaces look exactly the way you want them.

Custom Concrete Contractor MNDo you feel like your existing driveway is a big eyesore on your property? Each time you enter and exit your home, your eyes are drawn toward the faded, aged, and poorly functioning driveway. If you are looking to transform the look of your St Paul, MN driveway, consider investing in concrete apron services from our team at Able Concrete.

What are Concrete Aprons?

If you haven’t spent much of your life learning about concrete, chances are that concrete aprons may be an entirely new concept for you. Simply put, concrete aprons include the section of the driveway that begins at the curb and transitions up the driveway for 8-15 feet on average. This concrete apron will add extra flare and curb appeal to your driveway and really help your home pop compared to the other homes in your neighborhood. Bring your color and style preferences to the table and our team will create a concrete apron that will meet your every need! As a concrete driveway contractor, it makes our team beam with excitement when we see the smiles on our clients faces after they see their new decorative concrete aprons.

MN Concrete Driveway ContractorAble Concrete has served the people of Minnesota for more than two decades and has established a reputation in the area for providing high quality concrete services and unmatched customer service, all at an affordable price. The people of St. Paul and Minneapolis are well within the service area of Able Concrete and many residents have enjoyed the solid, professional, reliable, and beautiful results of Able Concrete’s work.

Concrete StampsWhat does it mean to “put a stamp on it.” Common interpretations include “completing the task” or “making it your own.” In reality, all of these things are correct. If you are ready to “put a stamp” on your patio, consider the stamped concrete at Able Concrete. We are your local concrete contractor that has been serving the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN areas for over two decades. If you are looking to update your outdoor space, consider a stamped concrete patio. You can complete the task and make it all your own.

What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is the easiest way to get a luxurious look at a very affordable price. These days people in town are spending more time outdoors and for that reason, creating an outdoor living space that you can enjoy for many years is essential. Stamped concrete patios are the perfect way to personalize your home and add a unique sense of style to your outdoor space. Cobblestone and brick are all beautiful, but the cost of installation is hard to bare. Stamped concrete gives you the look and feel of the stone without the hefty cost.